Interview With Lorna York, Owner of Madison Gallery

March 13, 2022

Live Inspired

Your best life begins with a home that Inspires you.

San Diego is known for beautiful weather, world class beaches and an enviable lifestyle. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our community attracts a wide variety of talent from multiple disciplines and is home to some of the most interesting, innovative and influential entrepreneurs in the world. San Diego is no longer merely a destination but rather a launching pad for inspiration, creativity and innovation. While our hometown residents have their own unique stories, there is a shared universal thread: A great love for San Diego.

Inspiration starts with your surroundings: family, friends, a sense of place, an amazing view; it's all part of what makes a space a home. As a Broker Associate for the world’s most notable luxury brand, I have been fortunate enough to represent properties that are as inspirational and aspirational as the individuals who live in them.

I am always intrigued by the interesting clients and people I meet throughout my professional journey and, as a result, have created a series of interviews highlighting influential leaders that are contributing to the changing landscape of the San Diego community. Within an intimate setting of their home, we learn what drives them, inspires them and why they have selected San Diego to call home.

In this session, you will hear from Lorna York: Owner of Madison Gallery, San Diego's preeminent Contemporary art Gallery. Located in the heart of coastal Solana Beach's Cedros design district, York's gallery has been a staple in the luxury art scene throughout Southern California for over a decade. Although locally owned and operated, her impressive client base spans across the globe.

What I have learned about Lorna throughout the years, both professionally and personally, is that this woman is a force. Her outlook on business and life are truly one and the same: Her life is art, her life is aesthetic, and her continued success is attributed to living a very intentional and purposeful life.

PWB: You have always had a strong belief in in the power of visualization. What is the story behind the creation Madison Gallery?
LY: I was fortunate enough to have found a career that I love early on. Initially, I started my career on the East Coast and found myself in an environment that felt very unbalanced. I made the decision to move across the country and start my own business. It was a big risk. Replacing all negative self-chatter of “What if” with “This is what” was key. I had a very clear vision for what I wanted to create and named the gallery after my first born and only daughter. For the past 35 years I have had the pleasure of representing some of the most talented and creative emerging, mid-career and established artists from around the world.

PWB: You could have chosen any location on the West Coast to call “home” and start your business, why San Diego?
LY: The energy and scent of the Pacific Ocean has such a healing power and I knew I had to be close to the beach. Initially, I began my search in Santa Barbara and for various reasons, my journey continued to lead me south. The health-oriented, active lifestyle of San Diego resonated with me on a very deep level.
PWB: After 13 years in the Village of La Jolla, you moved your gallery to North County's Cedros Design District in Solana Beach. What was the intention behind this change?
LY: I have been a North Coastal resident for years so moving the gallery to Solana Beach really brought me home. Moving the gallery was a big decision and the timing was right. My vision was to create a Chelsea-like gallery within an environment that breathes art, culture and entrepreneurship and I absolutely love the energy and vibrancy that this community has to offer.

PWB: We looked at many homes from La Jolla to Leucadia before you landed on this gorgeous home in Cardiff. You have literally transformed your space into the ultimate designer beach bungalow. What is one area of your home that inspires you the most?
LY: My home is my sanctuary: the place to re-balance, re-connect and re-invigorate the spirit. l find inspiration in nature, my travels and the artists I represent therefore, my home is a collection of all. I represent artists from across the world and am constantly in awe of how their culture affected their creative response to life. Of all areas in my home, I absolutely love spending time in my living room. This space is west facing so the coastal breeze is incredible. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame beautiful views of the ocean and Cardiff coastline. To me, nature is the ultimate aesthetic.


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